A Unit Of Rajeev Neelu Kachwaha Public Charitable Trust ( Regd. )


We strongly believe that sports activities are as important as education for the children for the healthy development of their mind. Along with collaboration with CRY, we have had various sports events at the center such as badminton and football games for our children.


In collaboration with CRY, participation in activities like theatre has been very popular among our children in terms of both fun and education. We also incentivize the children who have never been to school, or are drop-outs, to attend more classes at the center.


Rallies have been organized from time-to-time on issues to draw the attention of the community from the children as well as the volunteers at the SWATI center. We go from door-to-door and gather small groups to interact with them and make them realize the importance of having good education and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Child sexual abuse has been an important part of our campaign and we have had regular meetings on how to increase the awareness among the people with the help of rallies and education booths put up in the basti for the education of the parents as well as young mothers along with children in their teens.


We have conducted various health programs for the adults as well as the children of the basti such as eye-checkups along with education over importance of healthy diets for the overall development, understanding and growth of the basti.


At the SWATI center we strongly believe in gender equality and also abide in teaching the same to our children. We have had spread awareness on the gender balance among people with the help of rallies.


Due to lack of awareness on education  in the basti we had very few children going to schools when SWATI was established. SWATI conducted education camps where the children and the parents were taught the importance of education and we also helped the children to enroll in schools for pursuing their field of interest. SWATI also conducts tutorial classes after school to