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About Us :

Genesis and Growth

The Rajeev Neelu Kachwaha Public Charitable Trust was established in 1986 by the families of late Rajeev and Neelu Kachwaha who donated its initial corpus of Rs. 18 Lacs. The said sum stands invested in various Government deposits. All charitable activities are carried out from the interest accrued on the corpus as well as donations from donor institutions and individuals.

The main thrust of the SWATI project is to cater to education and overall development of children at its two Centers J.J. Camp Tigri and Kanak Durga Basti in New Delhi. Throughits various programmes in Balwaris (Play Schools), Remedial Education, Computer literacy program, Vocational training and English speaking courses.

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J.J Camp Tigri Basti (South Delhi)

Tigri is one of the largest slums in Delhi and is situated in the southern fringe of the city. It is legalized rehabilitation colony and the dwellers were settled here upon evacuation from various other places. As per the 2016 BLD survey total households were 2206 in three blocks (block- J, D and E) and the population of Tigri at about 10155. A sample survey of this slum reveals that the population comprises mostly of skilled or unskilled laborers who has migrated from UP, MP, Rajasthan and Bihar.

Kanak Durga Basti (South West Delhi)

Kanak Durga basti is a smaller slum virtually situated in the heart of south-west Delhi, in R.K. Puram. A large segment of the population is from Tamil Nadu, M.P., U.P., Rajasthan and Nepal. As per the 2016 BLD survey total households were 900 and the total population at about 3433.



Mr. Kuldeep Singh Kachwaha - Trustee
Ms. Mamta Kachwaha - Trustee
Mr. Sumeet Kachwaha - Trustee
Ms. Freyan Deshal - Trustee
Ms. Dr. Sanaya Nariman - Trustee
Mr. Sarat Lunia - Trustee


Ms. Rachna Gupta - Senior Consultant
Mr. Paritosh Sasmal - Financial Controller


Mr. Vijay Sharma - Social Worker
Mr. Ajit Khanna - Social Worker
Ms. Mehak - Social Worker


Ms. Vimla Bawari - Social Worker
Ms. Meenu Sharma - Social Worker
Ms. Kamla Rawat - Social Worker
Mr. Ajay Kumar Thakur - Accountant